What Qualifies You as an Author?


Authors that are in tune with their readers, work diligently to create great work that may continue to please their audience, but many opt to also communicate directly to their fans. A new phenomena that may be seen within the writing world, is the Storyteller proliferation of author’s websites and a fantastic few of them are quite elaborately produced.

Modern communication technologies using the Internet and other interactive programs, have seen campaign where novels are introduced to many audiences, war veterans into school and high school students. Just believes about the successful launching of the Harry Potter series, together with the media hype and nearly nervous expectancy.

The content and storyline of certain books especially those with a high degree of adventure, is excellent for a word-of-mouth campaigns designed to draw attention, get visitors to the site and generate substantial coverage. Some writer websites are seen as just being storefronts whose major purpose is to sell books.

There’s not any doubt that modern audiences and publication readers are putting new demands and expects much more interaction with authors. The younger readers are highly computer literate and are very comfortable with especially interactive sites, and message boards. Writers may capitalize on this by improving the word of mouth buzz for their books.

For writers of mostly ancient sagas and romances, it might be a fantastic idea to have a more personal relationship with their fans, interacting with them on internet sites, Internet talks and book readings. It is particularly at book readings where lovers can find that incredible face to face experience with the author, and whether the reader can get a personal autograph, they can become loyal fans forever.

It’s great for authors to hear personally that someone has enjoyed their books and thus interaction becomes a vital part of the promotion approach of any publication writer. On another positive note, fan interaction could form an author’s writing and spur them to write things differently. There might even be the possibility of getting great tips for the upcoming best-selling book.