The third thing that you need to furnish


For moving into the United States and working there, the person needs to apply for different visa categories depending on the requirement and the tenure of time that he wants to stay in this country. For being able to qualify for this category of temporary visa for working in the United States, first of all the applicant needs to prove that he has a genuine reason to visit the country. To apply for a visa in this category, the applicant needs to submit a copy of the work contract that gives all the details of the terms of your employment. This contract needs to furnish information pertaining to the length of your work contract, the place where you will stay in the United States, and how much remuneration you would earn while you are working in the US. hk visa status

After submitting the work contract, the second thing that you need to substantiate is that you only intend to stay in the United States for a limited period of time and do not want to move in permanently. The third thing that you need to furnish while applying for this visa category is the port authority stating that you have mandatory ties in your native country and you need to return to that country when you have completed the work contract and that you have a permanent job or family in the home country. All these documents need to be submitted to get temporary work visa for the US. From student visas to a variety of work visas, employment opportunities and the better quality of life that US offers can be compared to none.As an employer who wants to hire contractor from a different country to work on a specific project for a limited period of time can also initiate the visa process on behalf of the worker. The employer in this case needs to file I-129 petition which is a form seeking permission to hire an employee from another country other than immigration. There are different types of temporary work visa categories that are available and they are differentiated on the basis of the time for which they are valid.