Preparing for Your 1st Practice Session


Companies that insist on clinging on to outmoded, conventional sales approaches and marketing strategies do more damage than good to their sales and marketing efforts. Restrictive policies (telephone minimums, call reports, arbitrary office reporting times and days, etc.) are a total waste of time sales coaching since they don’t do anything to create earnings or profits.

The more sales people put themselves in front of customers and prospects, the more they sell and the more they make. Sales people will need to get face-to-face with prospects and customers to develop relationships, to evaluate product and service programs, and to place a human imprint on the selling procedure.

The most important thing to today’s customer buyer isn’t whether a sales person claims his yellowish widget will last longer or is more popular than someone else’s orange widget… what’s important to today’s buyer is the reply to a critical question: Can I trust this person to sell me exactly the ideal product or support for the ideal program for the right cost?

Prospects want to trust the sales man and the firm he or she represents will make every effort to be sure the product or service bought will minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and provide a reasonable return on the investment.

Whenever you create that level of confidence with a prospect, you’re guaranteed a purchase.

As you work your way through BOTH SIDES NOW©, then you’ll learn what there is to know about virtually every substantial business strategy and strategy – aligning priorities, benchmarking, competitive analyses, coping with culture change, cutting overhead, target setting, enhancing quality, and managing resources efficiently… you will want to effectively and rapidly increase sales and profits.

This article can allow you to build, motivate, and direct a winning sales staff, a team of sales specialists whose collective ability to win can be uniquely built upon compelling and deep understanding, skills and knowledge; fundamentals which are crucial to all fantastic human achievement.