Bring your personal style together with Mi 10Lite 5G Qualified, a lightweight smartphone with all the right features. With the ultimate flagship-style device, it can add flair to your 5G experience and let your personal style show in all the right ways. The phone’s dual camera module offers a unique way to bring your personal style to light, literally. With a wide range of functionalities, you get professional results from a phone that’s as small as it is powerful.

Capture High-quality Photos & VideoThe new camera on themi 11 lite 5g qualifies as a top model in a new class. Take high-quality pictures and videos with a high-resolution, low-light capable camera. Capture vibrant colors and clear images with a bright, outdoor LED flashlight, and a high-speed, ultra-wide camera that let you take full advantage of everything the camera glass can offer. Night mode gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors at night without having to fumble with a dimmer switch.

Enjoy High-speed Internet access With a sleek, thin and powerful device, themi 11 lite 5g offers a smooth transition from cell to laptop experience. Meet friends and colleagues using their smartphones and access their social networking on the go with an expansive, high-speed network mi 11 lite 5g that offers reliable data reception. The enhanced connectivity helps you stay connected no matter where you are. Plus, with a built-in, double antennas, the network provides strong signal reception anywhere in the city. With a sleek, thin and powerful device, themi 11 lite 5g offers a smooth transition from cell to laptop experience.

Keep it Sharp & New Taking a small step forward, the new snapdragon 780g with its thin, elegant design, makes it easier than ever to use. Smart, compact and stylish, the new device runs fast and effectively without a hitch. It boasts a huge memory space – one of the biggest on the market – and an advanced data core processor. Plus, it comes equipped with a sleek design and a large, high-definition camera for capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Run Like a champ With the powerful chipset inside, the new snapdragon device ensures your day starts off with speed and precision. Powered by a powerful, octa-core processor, the snapdragon 780g easily runs games, apps and performs at its best no matter what you’re doing. This compact device is also excellent when it comes to multitasking. Whether you’re chatting on the phone, streaming videos or using other media, the mobile card can handle it all thanks to its speedy processing. For those who want to do multiple things at once, the price x3 now can bring the fun together thanks to its dual screen feature.

Power up Your Day One of the major differences between the two devices is the storage space. With the larger memory size, the snapdragon device easily stores more apps, games and documents which mean that you’ll never have to worry about running out of storage space. However, the newest model of the touch screen smart phones also has a larger, higher density battery. For those who like to enjoy their devices even when they’re not on the go, the latest in flash memory technology the miui 11 lite 5g will prove a great investment – and you’ll definitely appreciate the extra bit of power and mobility.