Develop the Right Corporate Vision Statement


To fulfill the aggregate demands (financial, operational and psychological ) of your corporate stakeholders – owners, clients, employees, suppliers, partners, etc. into the fullest possible degree. In other words, to make the maximum amount of aggregate worth – economic, operational and psychological – to your own stakeholders.

However, every company must find its unique’universe Insights into Strategic Management of stakeholders’ and its own distinct way to perform this overall assignment. The way that makes the best fit to its foundation, corporate identity, key external factors and your strategic goals – fiscal and non-financial. And to follow this unique manner, to keep on track no matter what.

To stay with this all-important track, you need to know exactly what this track is. Consequently, you need your very own unique mission statement – just the right one for you. Ideally, you’ll need not one, but three mission statement – one-liner (corporate motto ); short one-paragraph mission statement and a detailed mission statement (half-page or so).

To maximize your company performance and to make your organization the best of the best, you need to optimize your company mission statement. To put it differently, to make it among the solid and reliable columns of your corporate management systems.

An optimal company mission statement needs to (1) be comprehensive and well-structured; (2) be based on hard facts, solid logic and common sense (rather than on’wishful thinking’ or your perception of your organization and its surroundings ) and (3) become a strong inspirational force for corporate workers top to bottom – executive, supervisors, professionals, service personnel, etc..

Naturally, your company mission statement needs to match your key external variables; needs and desires of your company stakeholders (business owners, NGO founders, managers, customers, employees, suppliers, etc.); your corporate background along with your statement of corporate identity.

And, finally, to make your company mission statement valuable to your organization, you have to be certain it is used on routine basis in making and executing strategic and operational decisions in all levels of your corporate hierarchy. In other words, you need to make certain decisions and actions in business match your company mission statement.