Best Way OF Delray Beach for Coronavirus Testing



For quicker results (10-15 minutes), you might opt for the antigen test. This variation of COVID screening also uses a swab to collect mucus samples, but our diagnostics team is on the lookout for telltale proteins from the coronavirus.

Antigen tests could be marginally less accurate than molecular evaluations; false positives sometimes occur as a result of sensitivity of the testing protocols. The antigen test may generate a positive result because of the existence of proteins from coronavirus strains aside from the covid testing delray. To verify the presence of COVID in patients who receive unexpected or inconclusive outcomes from an antigen test, we may need to perform a follow-up molecular test.

Neither of the above evaluations (molecular or antigen) will indicate if a patient had already had COVID-19. To make that decision, Dr. G’s Urgent Care can conduct an antibody test. As the name suggests, the evaluation looks for the presence of antibodies in your blood.

If you had previously come down with COVID-19, your body could have built up a defense to the virus. The antibodies that your system produced will thrive on your blood for months after COVID positivity. An experienced phlebotomist will gently draw a blood sample, where we can detect the presence of those all-important antibodies. Patients generally get the results of their antibody tests in a matter of 24-48 hours.

The indications of COVID-19 range from coughing to nausea to weariness and nausea. These indications are much like those of the common cold or the seasonal flu. Rather than suffering in silence, it is better to fully comprehend the reasons for your illness. If you find yourself with a negative COVID evaluation result, you may enjoy peace of mind as well as follow-up medical advice from the dedicated team at Dr. G’s Urgent Care.

Anybody at the South Florida vicinity who is ready to take responsibility for the continuing wellbeing of their community is qualified to get a COVID-19 test. If you’re having aches, respiratory difficulties, or other pertinent symptoms of the novel coronavirus, then you need to get tested in the earliest opportunity.