Basic Chi Sao Training


Essential preparing in Teng Sau is needed before Kiu Sau (Bridge Arm) and Khum Na (Locking) can be applied successfully. Indeed the previous two are firmly interrelated yet for the reasons for qualification it tends to be said that the previous trains affectability, stream and control while the last arrangements with striking instruments, connect annihilating and power age.

The establishment of the Ancestor framework begins with Teng Sau (Listening Hands) or Chi Sau (Sticking Hands) as it is more regularly alluded to nowadays. Indeed the two names are proper however to stay away from disarray with our better known Wing Chun cousins we will allude to Teng Sau.

In short Teng Sau preparing creates and improves the capacity to control an adversary whenever contact is made. Regardless of whether the time of contact is over in a brief instant or more as in hooking Teng Sau preparing will grow faster controlled reflexes.

Starting preparing is polished on a fixed Ma (Horse Stance) and once a more significant level of ability has been accomplished it is best prepared on a raised stage, customarily on plum bloom shafts. This part manages the center root energies of the body and it is this establishment from which we build up our Kung Fu from.

The subsequent part manages systematic drills to create protection and offense inside a stage structure which is special to the Ancestor framework. KIU This is additionally the stage when the ideas of Ying Yang detachment are presented alongside facilitated footwork.

At long last Teng Sau is taken to the free-form stage where contact is kept up yet assaults are arbitrary and are taken external any past fixed structure. At this stage there should be adequate degree of ability to adjust and to manage totally arbitrary assaults paying little heed to style or stage.

With the Teng Sau establishment effectively set up we will have created expanded Kiu sao affectability and the capacity to control power inside a structure of free stream. The following part covers the block attempt and control of the rival’s assaults and positions at various reaches. Every individual arm and body position is logically prepared to exhibit exact qualities and shortcomings. All arm structures from inside the Ying Yang Circle are presented and penetrated till they are fused into the free stream system.

The center force age bases on both Chong Lik (Heavy Power) and Gin Lik (Explosive Power). Chong Lik gives adaptable capacity to when the arms are de-connected from the body center and consequently successful strikes can in any case be executed with no body establishing as the force is produced exclusively by the arms. Gin Lik then again creates power from the body center and requires body connecting. Both are very compelling types of force age and when joined take into consideration a profoundly versatile striking arsenal.

At last Khum Na preparing is acquainted with create joint locking abilities. Preparing in the past two phases will take into account more powerful Khum Na application and guard.

Each of the three ought to be prepared and bored efficiently prior to advancing into San Sik (Free Flow). This last part prepares our capacity to free stream and to manage evolving energies.